Columbia Abstract 11/12

Columbia Abstract 11/12

For the current edition of this yearly publication for Columbia University we published an empty box made to look like a printed book that contained nothing but a download address from where the reader will get the app for the ipad.

Architizer wrote: The Abstract App is stunning. The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen allows for filtering by different buckets—Chapters, Instructors, Students, Titles, Semesters, Locations—and the search bar function is, and I hesitate to type this, sexy. There’s substantially more content, and yet the user experience is light and breezy. At one glance, the color-coded table of contents projects a school that is serious, diverse, intense, and fun. It’s an attractive tool for education and a smart one for marketing. The Abstract App is more than a book. It’s a mini evolution of how to make dense material more accessible and digestible.

Disciplines: Digital, Print

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Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Design: Matthias Ernstberger, Joe Shouldice & Richard The
Programmation: Daniel Scheibel & Red Paper Heart
Edition: Scott Marble
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