My Dreams Have No Meaning

My Dreams Have No Meaning

Some weeks ago our computers became slow and it was time to optimize the hard drives again. The process includes a beautiful visualization: Before you start, little bits of information are situated all over the hard disc. Then you press 'optimize', the disc spins and little bits are falling in next to each other neatly, forming an ever denser ring towards the center while freeing up space on the outside of the disc.

This is not only satisfying to watch but - I think - also explains beautifully how we dream:

When we sleep our brain orders new information in with the old one, making room for more to come. This not only accounts for my seamless seeming travel adventures when dreaming, - one moment I'm in my girlfriends parents house - then in Iceland - then in my old School in Bregenz - but surely is also the reason why we go nuts when we are deprived of sleep, - too little empty space on the hard disc.

I think in his quest for meaning Freud got it all wrong: My dreams mean absolutely nothing. It's just the brain cleaning up.

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