Otium is a contemporary restaurant that draws on the rich culinary heritage of Chef Timothy Hollingsworth. Adjacent to one of Los Angeles’ most important cultural corridors, Grand Avenue, and neighboring The Broad Museum of Contemporary Art, the restaurant was designed with its neighbors in mind. The name, Otium, has its roots in Latin, a word that is meant to describe a place where time can be spent on leisurely social activities. In line with this, the restaurant features an open kitchen merging indoor and outdoor areas so that people can socialize and relax in a casual atmosphere.

Inspired by this concept, we created a brand that brings the outdoors to the inside. We chose printed materials with textures that evoke natural elements such as concrete, sand, marble, wood, and vegetation. The combination of different tactile elements gives the identity a level of sophistication, as well as a hand-crafted appeal.

A large mural was also created to complement the restaurant's interior design. With custom lettering composed of shrubs and plants, it serves as another way to bring the outside indoors.

Disciplines: Branding, Environmental

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Creative / Art Direction: Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister
Designers: Zipeng Zhu, Felipe Rocha, Melanie Chernock, Pedro Sanches
Mural Design: Jessica Walsh, David McLeod
Set Design: Olivier Charland
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