First Stone project

First Stone project

We designed these pieces combining black Portuguese stone and white wool felt.
A reference to the black screens of televisions and smartphones, these pieces reflect on what we want and who we are - and our relationship to the present, the past and future = in an attempt to define which of these is the most important to focus on.

When comparing our experience of a particular situation to how others experienced it, our memories seem incomplete and dulled. The stone reflects only a partial image, darkened by hue and divided by veins.

At the same time, our brains are particularly ill equipped when in comes to predicting how we will feel in the future. Planning takes place primarily in the frontal cortex, the newest and least experienced part of our brain. When it comes to envisioning if we are going to like working in a particular job, Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert thinks we are better off talking to a stranger within that profession than imagining it for ourselves.

This leaves the now.

First Stone is an international research program that explores the potential of Portuguese Stone. Exhibitions included presentations in Venice, Milan, Weil am Rhein, São Paulo, London and New York. It included artists Ai Weiwei, Marina Abramovic, Carsten Hoeller, architects Alvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura and Michel Rojjkind, and designers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Philippe Starck and the Campana Brothers.

Disciplines: Products

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DESIGN: Stefan Sagmeister
STUDIO: Sagmeister & Walsh
CLIENT: First Stone, Portugal
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