Now Is Better

Now Is Better

This is the third installment of our long project about long term thinking. We’ve been working continuously on this over the past 4 years.

As before, we show seemingly abstract compositions inserted into historic paintings from the 18th and 19th century. Many of these paintings have already physically existed when scientists started to collect long-term data about how democracy, war/peace, health and literacy developed over the past centuries.

These pieces were first shown at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York. They will also be exhibited at the GGG Gallery, Tokyo from August 30th 2023 - October 23rd 2023.
From there the exhibit will move onwards to DDP, Seoul, Korea.
November 16th 2023 - March 3rd 2024

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CONCEPT AND DESIGN: Stefan Sagmeister
PRODUCTION HISTORIC PAINTINGS:: Ting Yih, Tine Kindermann, Roman Erlikh
LENTICULAR PRINTS:: Chris Dean, Parallax Printing,
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