Tokyo, Now is Better

Tokyo, Now is Better

This 2023 exhibition in central Tokyo of historic paintings with contemporary inserts also included clothing, espresso cups, water glasses, a watch, and perforated posters that visitors could rip from the wall and take home.

As before, the inserts represent data visualizations proofing that if you look at the world over a long period of time, you’ll get a 180-degree different view you get from short-term media.

The exhibition poster itself compares the data of the number of visitors to the GGG Gallery to the larger art institutions of Tokyo.

A good number of these pieces were first shown at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York.

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CONCEPT AND DESIGN: Stefan Sagmeister
ARTWORK PHOTOGRAPHY: Clemens Kois and GGG Gallery
CURATION AND PRODUCTION: Azusa Ozawa and Hiroko Sakomura
LENTICULAR PRINTS: Chris Dean, Parallax Printing,
PRODUCTION HISTORIC PAINTINGS: Ting Yih, Tine Kindermann, Roman Erlikh
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