Ressence Type 3X watch

Ressence Type 3X watch

Most of us prefer life over death, health over sickness, democracy over dictatorship. All of these things have been measured over the past 200 years, and all of them have gotten better, worldwide. Now is better.

The watch is filled with about 35 ml of oil to obtain a visual effect - called water drop: Graphs appear to be projected onto the top crystal as if onto a screen. The dial graphics bears the “Now is Better” sentence in a rather subtle manner. The hour dial features a distinct numeral font, developed from historic watch examples by Hoefler & Co.

The new date ring around the dial is composed of 140 blue lines and 140 orange lines. A grid, printed on the inside of the crystal allows the user to see only one of both colors at once. There are blue days and orange days. Each day at midnight the color changes from orange to blue or from blue to orange. One of these 140 lines has an inversed color. So if 139 lines are orange - one will be blue. This inverted colored line indicates the day of the month and rotates around the dial in 30 days.

The utilization of the date mechanism into a loop of changing colors is an attempt to remind the wearer to look at the world not one day at a time, but from a much longer point of view.

Limited Edition / 40

Disciplines: Products

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TYPEFACE: Hoefler & Co
DESIGN: Daniel Brokstad
CLIENT: Ressence
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